The beauty is like a Pure Land of Buddhism.


The beauty is like a Pure Land of Buddhism.

The beauty is like a Pure Land of Buddhism.
"Jodogahama Beach" designated as a scenic spot of Japan.


Jodogahama Beach


Jodogahama beach is one of the famous tourist sites and part of the "Sanriku Reconstruction National Park". The vivid contrast of the white rocks, green pines, and deep blue sea invokes images of the "Pure Land", which is a Buddhist concept of paradise and also the origin of the name "Jodogahama". It is listed in the best 100 beaches in Japan.
During summer, the beach is always full with people coming for swimming or relaxing. There are a terminal building, marine houses, rest houses, etc., and rental boats are available. In addition, the Jodogahama tourist boat is operated for those who want to enjoy the beautiful and varied coastline from the sea.

Miyako Jodogahama Boat Cruise

Miyako Jodogahama Boat Cruise

40 minute bay cruise tours (on the pleasure boat) from jodogahama port will give you a chance to enjoy natural treasures of Japan and the beauty of coastlines.
You can see the following geographic points with glorious views located within “Sanriku Geopark” as well as Jodogahama: "Rosoku-iwa" or a rod-shaped massive rock of 40m high and 7m wide (special national natural treasue), "Meot-iwa" consisting of a couple of massive rocks lined ap, "Shiofuki-ana" or a hole gushing water apward (special national natural treasue), “Anegasaki” where you can see a series of complicated steep cliffs,etc.

Blue Cave Cruise

Cave of blue / sightseeing by Sappa boats

You can go and see the Hachinohe Hole, a.k.a. "Blue Cave" on the Rikuchu Coast by a Sappa boat (small boat).
You will enjoy sceneries which cannot be approached by a large boat.The water changes its color from emerald green to cobalt blue depending on the season.

Ryusendo Cave


Ryusendo Cave is an extensive limestone cave in the mountains of Iwaizumi Town and regarded as one of the three greatest limestone caves in Japan. It is also designated as special national natural treasure.
Above all, the Third Underground Lake of 98m deep is highly recommended since its dragon blue water with pre-eminant transparncy can invite you to the world of fantasy.

Kitayamazaki Coast


A scenic spot on the Rikuchu Coast, where the cliff as tall as 200m stretches over about 8km, is highly evaluated as the most beautiful coast in Japan. A promenade leading down to the coast is also equipped. In addition, there is a sightseeing boat going around Kitayamazaki, which will give you a chance to look up at the cliff from the sea. This sight, being just a little bit different from the one from an observation deck, will make you feel the power of nature. There are 6 services of the boat a day from the port of Shimanokoshi (one round takes 50 minutes). You can enjoy giving bread directly to black-tailed gulls.

World Heritage Hiraizumi

World Heritage Hiraizumi

Hiraizumi is a World Heritage Site registered as "architectures, gardens and archeological sites representing Buddhist lands (Pure lands)". Chusonji, one of the constituent heritage sites, was built by Kiyohira, the founder of the Oshu Fujiwara clan, in the first year of Tenji (1124). The highlight is a luxurious Konjikido (golden hall), the entire surfaces of which are covered with leaf gold. The essences of craft techniques at the time are used intensively, such as the raden work utilizing Great Green Turbans, Japanese lacquer Maki-e and openwork. In addition to Chusonji, you can visit numerous ruins such as Moutsuuji Temple, Kanjizaiouin-ato, Muryokouin-ato, and Mt. Kinkeizan.

Kuji Amber Museum, Kosode Ama Center(featuring traditional female divers)

Kuji (Amber Museum, Kosode Ama Center).

In Japan, Amber is produced only in Kuji. At the Kuji Amber Museum, you can see the amber containing insect as well as amber-related materials and ornaments.
In addition, you can make amber accessories for yourself. In the annex, the capsule called "The Stone of the Sun" will let you experience the charm of amber through the refraction of light, sound, and fragrance. There is also a hands-on exhibit "Amber Lab", where you can try various experiments with amber and learn the wonders of amber through experiences.


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